Part of Your World

Tom dreams of that one perfect voice to compliment the music in his head. Bill dreams of a life out of the watery depths. A Retelling of The Little Mermaid*

Alpha Matters

Bill rescues a bit of grey fluff from the bushes. Maybe it was altruistic; maybe he just likes to accessorize. Tom isn’t thrilled with the idea of adopting another pet, and neither are their dogs, but his first mistake is

Turn the Page

It’s three years later, and Sam’s nearing the end of law school. Dean’s pretty badass and amoral in this, or so it might seem. Just…keep an open mind?*

Between Breathing and Daydreaming

They ride on the same train, every day without fail, to jobs that they just don’t care for anymore. And everyday at the same time, one of them is thinking up stories about the other’s life, while said other sits

Merry Blessings

Now you are bound one to the other With a tie not easy to break.*

Merry Meet

In perfect love and perfect trust.*


At the edge of the world, in a disease ridden desert, can two strangers find a way to survive?*

Casual Sex

Tom doesn’t seem to be interested in sleeping with girls anymore, and Bill makes it his mission to get his brother laid.*

Back to Our Roots

Bill and Tom are going back to their roots.*


Tom’s been going to the gym a lot more lately, and Bill wonders why.*

Turn the Page

It’s three years later, and Sam’s nearing the end of law school. Dean’s pretty badass and amoral in this, or so it might seem. Just…keep an open mind?*

Shy Boy

Tom is rather shy when it comes to talking dirty, and Bill wants that to change.*


Dean Collins is a regular Chicago firefighter. Then he meets Sam, a mysterious guy who introduces him to a world he never knew existed. You can’t run from the past, even if you’ve forgotten what it is.*

Out With the Old, In With the New

There are things that many people do not see and are never supposed to see, but when one of these takes Bill from his hotel room, by force, everything changes for him and Tom.*

Little Play Thing

Shameless porn containing more than one dildo.*

Sowing Seeds

Bill falls in love with the tiny community garden near his college, and soon the seeds of a romance are sewn.*


Tom is a hopeless romantic who meets Billie, the veritable girl of his dreams. But maybe she’s not as perfect as he had thought.*

It’s a Man’s World

She’s the only girl in a rock band. Surrounded by men, can she find the one right for her? Good thing she has her twin brother to help her, right?*

And Baby…

Things are a little different in the Kaulitz household, and when the music calls and a tour is underway, both of the twins are excited and apprehensive. Can they make parenthood work if they needed so much help when they

…Makes Three

“This cannot be happening. I mean, it’s not even possible.”*

Two Against the World Series

In 2020, the demons descended. The cataclysmic event came to be called “The Rising,” and the world that came after was called “Post-Apocalyptic,” though for North America most ways of life were preserved when the Walls went up around the

From the Inside Out

When Bill, a shy withdrawn guy who’s completely closeted, ends up thrown into an unexpected situation with Tom, the encounter throws them both off balance. The changes in their relationship and the way they relate to each other cause them


Six months before the epilogue of The Bartenders, Tom and Bill set about fulfilling Tom’s ultimate wish – building the nightclub of his fantasies. In six short months, InformalClash is born.* Sequel of sorts to The Bartenders.

The Bartenders

Tom Kaulitz, Temperence nightclub’s number one bartender and resident hotshot is reluctantly bullied into attending his best friend’s bachelor party, held at a gay club. But Tom is left with more to worry about than his reputation when he locks

On Offense

Bill and Tom have been going strong for a whole year, but what happens with a change of scenery and a possible change of heart?* Sequel to On Defense.

On Defense

On a connecting flight from North Carolina to Boston, on arguably the worst day of his life, Bill Trumper meets someone who is completely wrong for him. Straight, sporty Tom Kaulitz is about to become Bill’s new best friend, Bill

Cupid’s Chokehold

Tom Kaulitz is downgrading from SuperThug to BabyThug in an attempt to get his life on the right track. He never expected it to be easy, but then again – nobody expects Bill Trumper. Tom’s fresh start is a heartless

The Blue of Desire

Bill Trumper’s best friend Tom Kaulitz is the envy of all straight men, getting it with countless pretty girls whenever he wants with no strings attached. Bad news for Bill, who knows the best course is to keep his crush

The Hottest Part of the Fire

Bill Trumper was having one hell of a day, and didn’t care who knew it.* Sequel to The Blue of Desire. you’ll need to register for this.


Bill Trumper has been receiving two dozen roses every week for an entire semester at Trillium University. Where are the flowers coming from, and how does Tom Kaulitz, a Natural Resources major with a green thumb, factor into the whole