Power of Two

In which Dorian and Bull pick each other up at a club, Dorian’s family disapproves, and Max and Krem think this is all a terrible idea right up until they don’t. Dorian’s father dies, Dorian’s mother is cold, and Bull

Series || Entropy Sequence

Harry needs to be put through interrogation testing before he can be cleared for fieldwork. Eggsy has free time.

No One Likes Us (We Don’t Care)

When Harry Hart turned up at the police station to pick Eggsy up, he thought his luck had changed – after years of Dean, this posh new alpha was offering to take Eggsy away from the estate where he’d been

Series || Four Hearts Are Better Than One

It’s the end of the day, and they’re on freaking vacation, so Yancy decides he wants to relax in their in-suite jacuzzi bathtub. His boyfriends have other ideas.

Much in Common

Knotting, and neither Alex nor Hank know what’s coming.


Orgasm reboots Extremis. This has interesting…repercussions.

Like a Slave to Your Touch

Harry’s fingertips graze Eggsy’s neck, and that’s when Eggsy feels it–a sudden, intense yearning roiling somewhere deep within him, like a chasm opening up at his core. The feeling hits him like a punch to the gut, so hard and

So Close I Can Taste It

Harry grudgingly gives into Eggsy’s near constant begging and lets Eggsy kneel under his desk. He ends up wondering why he needed so much convincing to do it in the first place. Eggsy is a praise junkie and enjoys being

My Eyes Choose to Blur (and my body unwinds)

For the past twenty-three and a half years, Matt Farrell has been hiding what he is from everyone he knows, save the odd friend or two. Discovering, at the tender age of thirteen, that he was gay wouldn’t have been

The Likes of Me and You

Eliza Doolittle: There can’t be any feeling between the likes of me and the likes of you. Or Eggsy is an omega and he knows that he’ll never be good enough to have what he wants out of Harry Hart.

Touchstone, Command, and Pivot

The first time it happens, it’s because Bane gives him an impossible choice; John’s just trying to do the best he can with the limited options he’s given. He tells himself that, the second time it happens. And the third.

Cops and White Lace

There are two things in life that Danny’s figured out that make Steve McGarret a very, very happy camper. One is explosions and pretending to be a real life G.I. Joe. The second is getting his ass eaten until he’s

The Ga(y)tekeepers

All they have to do is keep an eye on Rachel’s house for a while, but one shenanigan leads to another and soon, Danny finds himself wanting to make an honest man out of his gun-toting, trigger happy, actual Superman-impersonating


Steve and Tony share an intimate moment, and Steve indulges his preference for not just filling Tony up with his dick, but his come, too. They both have a good time.

Ke Aloha (Beloved)

The one where Steve’s absolutely smitten with his partner, Danny pretends to be bad a reading signals, and the results are one great, sticky mess in paradise.

I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Agron and Duro return from being deployed for 9 months to surprise their sleeping and unsuspecting boyfriend.

Knot Human

um. just porn. complete and utter HET porn, trying to incorporate as many kinks as possible: girl!Stiles, knotting, multiple orgasms, squirting, wolfing out, dirty talk. seriously. this is 7000+ words of pure porn.


“God, Stiles,” Derek says quietly, “I still want you so badly. Want to get back inside you, want to keep fucking you, want to keep making you come.” um, yeah. complete heat!porn. nothing but.

voyons donc, je veux votre confiance, à quoi qu’il arrive

The scientists like to think that the differing dynamics evolved some time in the far past, at some point when the human population was at risk and the development of various dynamics assured the continued existence of humans. No one

You’re Not Stubborn (Just Impossible)

Steve’s an alpha, Tony’s an omega. Biology should take care of the rest, right? Except, Tony’s not anything like TV taught Steve omegas were–or like anyone else Steve’s ever met, actually–and Steve should really learn to just keep his mouth

Series || Multi-Verse

Carter, Allison, Henry, Jo and Fargo caused a lot of uproar back in 1947. Lots of little changes that could lead to lots of alternate versions of present day Eureka.

Ties That Bind

Colonel John Sheppard returns to Earth to debrief and to meet Dr. Rodney McKay.*

Don’t Worry Baby

“You know you’re allowed to ask for vanilla sex, right?” he says, afterwards. “We can do whatever you want. That’s kind of the point.” Derek doesn’t respond.


Estranged from Jack’s friendship, Daniel finds someone else to take away his loneliness.*

Hiding in Plain Sight

When a serial killer murders three marines on Atlantis, NCIS are called in to investigate. However, their arrival brings complications for everyone – revealing a lie, a prophecy, a secret and a nemesis. *

Time Go

Andrew doesn’t even know Brandon that well, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to jump him and hump in a supply closet, and it doesn’t stop him from getting defensive when Segs says one day, “Brandon’s really hot.” Andrew

White Picket Fences

Eames sleeps deeply for a few glorious hours, sated from the slow, but passionate, roll in the hay with Arthur. They hadn’t wanted to wake the children, and they were both utterly exhausted from the previous day’s chaos, but they

Series || The Marketplace

During an MI6 investigation into black market sales of Ministry of Defence assets, James Bond discovers what he believes to be a human trafficking ring called the Marketplace. He infiltrates the organisation as a buyer, but remains focused on his


Omega verse AU set during Gotham’s occupation.