Touchstone, Command, and Pivot

The first time it happens, it’s because Bane gives him an impossible choice; John’s just trying to do the best he can with the limited options he’s given. He tells himself that, the second time it happens. And the third.

Spartacus – Bound By Fire

The events at Sinuessa create a turning point for the slave army. Agron and Nasir find their path diverged from the others, but for what purpose and by whom?

Series || Lady Iron of SHIELD

A stalker is targeting Antonia “Toni” Stark, which skews how she sees herself and how she allows others to see her.*

Series || Stiffen the Sinews

There are only men in the pit, and John’s not strong enough to protect himself forever. But Bane is strong enough for both of them.

Not Today

No one said life was easy. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Death has become our world and within it, we are slaves to its horrors. Take my hand, for the moment you let go of me will be the

Human Empanada

Kaner, a traditionally useless Prince of America, and Tazer, the Heir Apparent of British Canada, don’t know each other when their mothers arrange their engagement. Once that’s done all they have to do is get to know each other, get


“Holy shit, you’re in heat!” Stiles shouted, the light bulb going off and bringing with it endless amusement.* This has some serious consent issues.

Saints & Sinners

All Human story… Eric Northman comes to Bon Temps to speak to Corbett Stackhouse and finds Sookie first.*

The First Collar

Gibbs is a top with a desperate need to atone for his past mistakes and a habit of collaring the members of his team. Tony is a sub who distrusts all tops and has never yet agreed to wear any

All In

Harvey’s all but got the potential client in Pearson Hardman’s metaphorical lap when the kid walks in the room and changes—quite literally—the game.*

The Price of Love

Tom’s a warrior and Bill’s a sorcerer, and they are secret lovers who serve the warlord Georg. Although married to Gustav, Georg is being swept by love’s madness inexorably towards Tom. Circumstances then force Georg to marry Tom to save


At the edge of the world, in a disease ridden desert, can two strangers find a way to survive?*


At the edge of the world, in a disease ridden desert, can two strangers find a way to survive?*

Out With the Old, In With the New

There are things that many people do not see and are never supposed to see, but when one of these takes Bill from his hotel room, by force, everything changes for him and Tom.*

Series || The Running Play

The college football AU that nobody needed to see.*

Series || One Boy Headstrong

When Kevin Jonas and his brothers on the Lovebug encounter a mechanical problem, they aren’t expecting an injured stowaway to be responsible. The last few years have been tough on Card, and he wasn’t expecting to find anyone who’d take

Once Upon a Time

In a universe with no Federation, where First Contact never happened, Jim Kirk is your average popular guy. On Christmas Eve, thanks to a series of strange events, Jim finds himself in a parallel universe where the Milky Way is


Kris has been missing for three years. When Adam finds him, he’s not the person he used to be. In fact, he doesn’t know who he used to be.*


Secrets were something you really couldn’t keep in the BAU. Not when surrounded by the finest minds in the world, all focused on ferreting out secrets and uncovering subterfuge. *

Series || A Kept Boy

A Kept Boy is an RPS AU involving slavery, abuse (adult and child) in all forms (verbal, physical, mental), inequalities of power, and dark, adult concepts regarding same. At heart, it’s a love story, but it goes through some bad,

Peace Treaty

After centuries of war between humans and demons, a new peace treaty is proposed to put an end to the misery and destruction. It is a marital alliance with Kagome and Sesshoumaru at the center.*

Veela Struck

Veela don’t have destined mates, and thank Merlin for that. Draco wants to date Harry Potter because Harry is one of the few people in the wizarding world who treats him decently. But when Harry refuses, with his refusal focused

Series || Acting Out

Edward, Bella and Jake are juniors in Forks. Very NC-17 with Edward and Jake both bi, but not PWP – there’s plot, angst, humor and romance as these messed-up kids figure out their three-way relationship. Even if you’re not a

In Time of War

An alternate universe Zutara story. Even if a relationship starts out the worst possible way, can destiny find a way for things to work out between them after all?*

Twenty Minutes

Prompt from trek_rpf_kink: “Bad people made them do it! Bonus points for first time and both/one of the guys crushing on the other and feeling terrible for enjoying something that’s supposed to be bad.” Seconded later on: “Fuck or die


Rodney McKay thought his biggest failure was the Arcturus Project and the destruction of 4/5ths of a solar system. John Sheppard thought losing his confidence in Rodney was the hardest loss he would ever face. But their most terrible failures

Series || Five Times Jim Kirk Was Cockblocked By His Son; One Time He Wasn’t

It was only a matter of months into his new captaincy when James T. Kirk, once again, set a new Starfleet record. He was pregnant and undeniably so, if the blinking tricorder and Bones’s ashen expression was any indication.*

Debt of Honor

Six months after being taken prisoner and raped by a Vulcan captain, Kirk finds that same Vulcan is now being assigned as his first officer when peace between Vulcan and Earth is declared. *

We’l Lie in the Shadows of Them All

Kirk and Spock are sent on a suspicious mission to obtain a local plant from an unfamiliar planet. When things go wrong, Spock is forced to meld with Kirk. The consequences of that meld will change everything.*

White Chocolate

Part two of the Chocolate Series. Where has Harry been all these years?*