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Cliche Bingo

A collection of clint/phil works based on cliched plotlines.

Series || On Life’s Weary Seas

Herc gets tired of waiting for Raleigh and Chuck to make up after their fight. So, like any good father and friend, he forces the issue.

Series || Chuck was injured instead of Herc

They say you never really know a guy till you break his face with your fist. Okay, they don’t really say that, but fuck it all, they should.

Series || porn roommates AU

Hey man – it’s a two bedroom flat, utilities + cable are included in the cost, I’m a dude, there’s no catch. My last roommate wasn’t cool with my job (gay-for-pay porn star) so he ditched, thus the ‘no douchebags’

Series || A Lunch Counter Love Story

Take one ex-circus performer, one homicide detective, a dash of meddling cohorts, a heavy helping of pie recipes, mix well, and bake until somebody gets a date.

Series || Entropy Sequence

Harry needs to be put through interrogation testing before he can be cleared for fieldwork. Eggsy has free time.

Series || The Kaiju Underground

Long story short, Raleigh takes Chuck hostage with a candybar, and then a gritty (slashy) reboot of the movie kind of happens. This is what might have happened if the boys had met without knowing who the other was first.

Series || You’re Not Stubborn (Just Impossible) Verse

Steve’s an alpha, Tony’s an omega. Biology should take care of the rest, right? Except, Tony’s not anything like TV taught Steve omegas were–or like anyone else Steve’s ever met, actually–and Steve should really learn to just keep his mouth

Series || Herc/Raleigh Bingo Challenge

A collection of fic written off prompts from the Herc/Raleigh Bingo Challenge. These are all stand-alones, unless otherwise noted.

Series || Metatheria

Operation Pitfall was a success. The Breach had been closed. There had been losses, but there had also been survivors. Like Chuck Hansen, who had been found in an escape pod, seriously and rather badly injured, but alive. His recovery

Series || Dance Lessons

The Proposal AU nobody asked for! For those who haven’t seen The Proposal, Raleigh is a mild-mannered, long-suffering assistant to the editor in chief, the uptight control freak Chuck Hansen. When Chuck is set for deportation, he blackmails Raleigh into

Series || La Cuisine

“This is actually an excellent opportunity for you. Kingsman is one of the most elite cooking schools in London, and they so rarely offer evening courses like this. The fact that they were willing to work with us and allow

Series || Road to Joy

Jane hired Darcy because she was the only applicant- but why did a political science student want a physics internship? Turns out, she just needed to get away from the bruises and the black eyes. She goes to New Mexico

Series || Fire Starter

Nasir is a tattoo artist, struggling to get over an abusive relationship. Agron is a fire fighter, struggling to make Nasir realize how much he loves him.

Series || ‘Uhane

Okay, I read Samantha Kathy’s TS fusion and I was entranced, and then I wrote a story.

Series|| Forever, Now

Gerard and Mikey have lost their parents, but they’ve found Brian.*

Series || Snape’s Daughter

On Harry’s sixteenth birthday, a potion wears off.

Series || Beholder

Jared was passionate about the work he did with the animal shelter. Between that and living with Sandy, life was satisfactory. Until the cold night that the filthy, homeless man hidden in an oversized hoodie was dumped at the shelter

Series || Nightverse

Blackhawks: Jonny Toews destroys his Bond with Patrick Kane after Brent Seabrook is injured in a fight with the St. Louis vampires. Patrick turns to Duncan Keith (Seabs’s mate) for comfort, then runs away when Duncan admits sleeping together was

Series || Still Waters

“Why did we stop doing this?” Pat asks, dick softening against Jon’s hip. “We wanted different things,” Jon says, curling his arm around Pat. “Did we?” Pat asks, sounding doubtful. “Yeah,” explains Jon. “I wanted a relationship, you wanted to

Series || Extra Curriculars

According to every TV show Brent’s ever seen, every school has a guy like Duncan Keith: the weird outcast who wears all black and listens to metal. High School AU.*

Series || The Place of That Desire

Ryan doesn’t seem as concerned as Michael is about the baby sitting – sleeping, really, on its back with one arm flung up next to its head like it’s about to pump a fist in the air – in the

Series || More Myself With You

I don’t think I will write a proper sequel to More Myself with You, but I like that universe, and I intend to go back there from time to time. This is not a work in progress, as in I

Series || √π233hy7

Beautifully Illogical has a series, you guys. Start there and READ THE WHOLE THING.

Series || The Vulcan Heart

Marriage is the logical choice. Or: Jim quibbles with semantics.

Series || The Rory to My Amy

Derek is Scott’s older brother. Stiles is Scott’s best friend. Derek is falling in love with Stiles. This is a bit of a problem.*

Series || Famous Last Words

All you need to know about this series is that the doc is titled “The Sex Buddy Fic”.*

Series || Of Books and Boys

In which our hero moves to England, has an only slightly petrifying best friend, works in a bookshop, oh, and meets Derek.*