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Series || The Keystone

There are a lot of things Stiles has forgotten. Some of them by choice, because some memories are too painful and that’s what you do to survive; some of them because they were taken from him.

Series || Metamorphosis ‘Verse

Blake has been causing problems for Bane in Gotham City. When Bane finally gets his hands on Blake, he decides to keep him off the streets where he can’t cause any more trouble. Prisoner to a terrifying madman, Blake tries

Series || Stiffen the Sinews

There are only men in the pit, and John’s not strong enough to protect himself forever. But Bane is strong enough for both of them.

Series || Blake’s Corollary

Done for tdkr-kink prompt. If there are any two men less likely to share their toys than Bane and Bruce, John doesn’t want to meet them. Also? John is not a toy, goddammit.

Series || No Holds Barred

Talia brings Bane a gift in the form of fiery detective John Blake, intending to watch Bane break him — but Bane likes John’s spirit too much to try and quench it, and is too head-shy about sex to use

Series || Gravity

Eric and Jeff sort some shit out after hooking up that one time (see part 1), because Eric feels guilty about a lot of things, including maybe possibly concussing Jeff with his penis.

Series || The Lone Wolf

Derek needs Stiles’ help. Again. But what’s with all the sniffing?*

Series || Little Boy Blue

He needed someone to love, to care for, to see him. The fates saw fit to give him a baby Pooka. Jack didn’t intend to be a father, it just ended up working out that way.*

Series || Married Verse

When NHL star Patrick Kane’s off-ice antics finally get him into trouble for the last time, captain and best friend Jonathan Toews has one final trump card to keep him from being traded: marriage…to each other. But between being the

Series || Fathers and Sons

He needed someone to love, to care for, to see him. The fates saw fit to give him a baby Pooka. Jack didn’t intend to be a father, it just ended up working out that way.*

Series || Red Riding Hood

Stiles hangs out with werewolves. Stiles dresses up as Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween. It’s supposed to be ironic.*

Series || Prowl

People said Bond’s body was a tool, a weapon, a blunt instrument. Q suspected that it was none of these things. He had been watching it for seven months now, and had come to the conclusion that Bond’s body was

Series || Phil Coulson’s Case Files of the Toasterverse

Phil has problems with these people.* This is basically the best thing that ever happened.

Series || Roots and Wings

The one where Sid and Geno are retired and married and living it up domestically in Canada with their adopted Russian orphan.

Series || Things to Do In New York When You’re Not Dead

The Avengers take initiative. Or, the story of how a group of remarkable people came together to drink cocktails, eat ice-cream and wait for Fury’s call. Post-movie.*

Series || No Sweeter Death

What followed was the most bizarre courtship Q had ever—well, heard of, certainly. He didn’t have much to compare it to, but Moneypenny confirmed that normal people didn’t flirt like this. Not that he was normal. Not that any of

Series || The One With the Baby Yentas

Tazer has a son and Kaner is his son’s kindergarten teacher.*

Series || The More You Know

Stiles finds out that mating is a thing, as is knotting. After the fact. So apparently that happened.*

Series || (Get In Line And) Settle Down

In which Stiles has always been a girl, gets kidnapped by Argents, becomes BFFs with Lydia, dates some boys, and pines over Derek.*

Series || Life As a Tree House

Tony finds out that when it comes to Avengers, you can’t adopt just one.*

Series || We Set Our Dreams to Carry Us

AU genderswap, where Erica Staal ends up becoming the first female captain in the NHL.*

Series || Live with the Wolves And You Learn to Howl

When Sheriff Stilinski learns about his son’s double life as a human member of the local werewolf pack, he also learns that families are made when they’re least expected.*

Series || Where I’ve Walked

Steve and Tony have a kid, Tony has issues. Steve has a surprising amount of patience.*

Series || Genetics

Merlin Holmes, the youngest Holmes brother, reaches out to Sherlock for help finding a friend that has gone missing.*

Series || In the Next Room

“But for some reason, when Stiles sees Derek talking to Lydia, the two of them painfully good-looking, all she can think about is that her hair is in a messy ponytail and there’s pizza sauce on the hem of her

Series || Things That Don’t Exist

Everything is falling apart, and the one person Brent needs most is the one he can’t tell.*